Saturday, 11 April 2015

Parandas - High braided ponytail

Lately I've been using parandas all the time, in braids, length-shortening updos and braided updos :) 

A paranda is a hair accessory, traditionally braided into the hair in India to make it look longer and/or thicker, or simply as an adornment.  It consists of three strands of coloured threads, usually with tassels at the end. 

Apart from the adornment that is having coloured wool in your braid, I love parandas because they help keeping my slippery fine-textured, straight hair in place for longer when wearing braids, and they also make my braid thicker, which I personally like. 

I have a couple of parandas, made of purple wool, without tassels. I learned how to make it thanks to this tutorial: 

I uploaded a hairstyle tutorial last week, so here's the video and a couple of pics. It's a pretty straightforward style, a braided high ponytail, and one of my favourite go-to styles, both for day-to-day activites, sword-fighting, and ranger cosplay :)

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